Plants within urban and rural environments contribute enormously to our sense of well-being, reducing pollution and attracting wildlife. During the last 20 years the loss of natural habitat has led to a decline in the number of beneficial insect populations, such as butterflies, bees, moths and hoverflies, along with the decline of birds, small mammals and rare plant species. There is now more emphasis on plants and the role they play in all landscapes.

Plants benefit people and wildlife

Whether it’s for a rear garden, front garden or roof garden, at Barnwell Gardens we design planting schemes with nature strongly in mind.

By carefully selecting the correct plants we create a rich and beautiful environment attractive to both people and wildlife

By carefully selecting the correct plants we create a rich and beautiful environment attractive to both people and wildlife. We select plants that add value to borders and provide long term plant performance.

We engineer planting designs to allow plants to look impressive all year round from season to season. This is achieved by applying our specialist plant knowledge to each and every project, instilling appropriate plant selection resulting in year round use of the garden. The spring and summer will bring a floral spectacle for its visitors and will ensure a feeling of freshness to a garden. Later in the year, the foliage and striking autumn winter colours will add drama and interest to a garden, feeding birds and providing them with nesting material.

  • This is an overview of how we work with you. It’s developed from what we find works best for customers and the end results of the project.

    • Our first site visit is free, during this time we discuss your requirements.
    • Survey area, take photographs, soil and PH test
    • Produce an outline proposal
    • Issue a drawing if requested and written proposal with prices
    • Upon acceptance of proposal we ask for a deposit and book you in
    • On completion a full handover of the project is carried out
    • If requested we provide a full maintenance schedule/calendar of care.
  • We aim to implement scheme’s where the future management is enjoyable and less labour intensive, long lasting and sustainable. If you have any questions about your garden and how we can help you, please get in touch.

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