How irrigation works

Our irrigation systems apply the water in a number of ways;

  • micro sprayers which direct water under the foliage of the plants and onto the root balls
  • drippers on stakes
  • drip line pipe where each dripper emits 2 litres of water per hour.


Rain sensors are installed to stop the system working in the event of rain fall, preventing the garden from becoming water logged and ultimately helping to conserve water. This is one of the benefits of having an automatic system in place. There is also the additional reassurance of knowing your garden will keep in a good state if you decide to have a vacation or for any reason needed to go away for an extended period of time.

The irrigation systems are installed very discreetly with minimum visual impact to your garden; systems can be installed during a planting or landscape construction project, which tends to be more cost effective. It can also be installed retrospectively in an existing planting scheme.

With the ecological, aesthetic and financial benefits in mind, please contact Barnwell Gardens and we can discuss your requirements.

Irrigation specialists
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